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The "bigger fish to fry" in the world of dieting

With Spring just around the corner, i'm seeing an increasingly large amount of "summer body" hacks online. When it comes to dieting and weight management, there are many advertisements, products, and challenges being thrown around that have little use when there are more important adaptable behaviors that need addressing. It's easy to jump on new "revolutionary" practices, which spark motivation and excitement. This is great in the short term, but creates a brutal cycle where motivation drops in and out. Try to follow this guide in order of focus, ensuring to tick each consideration off before moving on to the next.

Having a readiness to change your behaviors and undergo more rigid practices.

Assessing whether your environment is supportive of the required lifestyle (consider sleep, stress management, social life etc).

ENERGY BALANCE: Ensuring energy expenditure is greater than energy input.

Having a relatively whole food based foundation, with high amounts of plant fiber.

Consuming adequate macronutrients (Carbohydrates, Fats, & complete Proteins).

Nutrient timing: protein distribution, meal timing for training, fasting etc.

Supplements (yep, right at the bottom - more important in trained athletes).

Dieting, and fat loss aren't supposed to be easy. You will feel hungry/irritable and should certainly consider your mental health, social life, energy requirements, and hormones before undergoing a strict cut. I can't stress enough how important it is to consult with your doctor, nutritionist or dietitian before undergoing a period of restriction.

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